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We are designed for a complete solution of Mobile repairing, Advance Mobile Training, CCTV repairing, Advance CCTV training, Laptop repairing and Training.
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Discover top-notch mobile service training with us! Our expert-led courses cover everything you need for phone repairs and customer care. Gain practical skills and certifications to excel in this exciting field. Join us to become a skilled mobile technician and deliver exceptional service

Mobile Phone Repair

Led by industry veterans, our courses delve deep into mobile service, covering technical repairs, customer interaction, and the latest advancements in the field.

Certification Programs

Earn industry-recognized certifications upon course completion, validating your expertise and opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Up to date Curriculum

Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, ensuring students stay ahead of industry trends.

CCTV Repair Training

Learn CCTV repair basics to advanced skills with our easy-to-follow training. Get hands-on experience and expert guidance. Start fixing CCTV systems confidently with our courses.

Personalized Guidance

We provide one-on-one support and guidance, tailoring our approach to each student's learning style and needs.

Career Development Support

Get special help and advice for your career. We'll support you to make a good plan for success in the phone fixing industry, which has lots of people competing for jobs.



Our Skilled Trainers

Syed Akmal Hussain


Minoddin Sharker

IT Manager

Md Rubel Hossain

CCTV Installation Trainer

Joy Ghosh

Mobile Phone Repair Trainer

Seamless process


02 How long is Software course?

One and half months

03 How long is CCTV course?

Two months

04 is there any arrangement of accomodation?

Yes, available


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